Around Town in Sayulita

OVERALL ATMOSPHERE: It is easy to spend your day relaxing, eating, swimming, relaxing, eating again and then deciding where to have a yummy dinner...It's all about the food, fun and laughter with friends and family...What a novel concept! You deserve a special time in a special place and Casitas Sayulita has been created with you in mind.


STORIES: Our family has lived here since 1979, before there were even telephones in the village of Sayulita. Adriana is so loved by the town people that they call her Tia Adriana, Auntie to them all because they love her. We have a great story to tell...can't wait to hear what yours will be after you spend your first delightful vacation at Casitas Sayulita.


LOCATION: You will be staying towards the north end of town at the bottom of Nanzal Hill. You will be a bit away from the daily hustle & bustle and the local evening night life activities. You will be close enough to join in whatever fun you choose.


ACTIVITIES: What keeps you thriving and engaged??? Do you surf? Take a lesson while you are here on vacation... or how about kayaking, stand up paddle-boarding, snorkeling, biking, zip lining or just relaxing and sunning on the beach? You can be as active or relaxed as you can imagine. Bring your own or enjoy renting beach chairs, umbrellas, surf boards, bikes, kayaks and even horses. You can even rent a golf cart to zip around in,

The quaint village of Sayulita is full of amenities to add to your vacation pleasure…How about joining a yoga class and or receiving a restorative massage? Limber up in the morning for an evening dance class.


BEACHES: The beaches around Sayulita are perhaps her greatest assets. You will fall in love with the shoreline whether you are strolling the 2-mile long beach in front of the village or wandering off to discover some of the less-popular “hidden” beaches. Remember to bring your camera.  From Casitas Sayulita it is a short walk to experience the ocean, fishing, snorkeling, surfing, swimming, wading, or simply putting your toes in the surf.


MARKETS: There are many quaint markets for you to explore in Sayulita. You’ll discover a surprisingly nice selection of fresh locally grown fruits & vegis as well as Mexican staples. Stop a native fisherman on the beach and you may be able to purchase a freshly caught fish to prepare for your dinner. If you are serious in the kitchen you might want to stop, after you land in Puerto Vallarta, at a large grocery store, Sam's Club or Costco to gather ingredients and snacks to stock your refrigerator for your stay. Stove top cooking is the native way here and you will be enjoying 4 burners and ample pots and pans.


SHOPPING: Make your way on a shopping adventure from native Huichol Indian arts to local artisans and on to modern décor. From striking jewelry to one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing you’ll love the hunt. You may just find your favorite treasure from a sweet smiling native while you are sitting on the beach, sipping a drink and reading your book. We’ll love to hear your story.


DINING: Be advised that your appetite will be heightened while your waistline may not be lightened during your get away in Sayulita. From the moment you awaken you’ll be captivated by the delicious aromas of cooking food.  It’s hard to pick what to have first… If you count taco/torta stands and small “hole-in-the-wall” cafes, Sayulita provides over 100 locations to get a bite to eat. For breakfast you can enjoy yummy fresh juices from the juice lady, grab a coffee and a pastry on the run, lounge at the beach enjoying huevos rancheros or have a sit-down spread at a restaurant with the locals. While at breakfast many of our guests are already planning where they will have lunch!!! Lunch is soon followed by dinner and the choices allow for casual dinning & dress or you can even get all “fancy”, put on your sparkly flip flops, and dine in elegance. Remember to bring your camera.


NIGHTLIFE: Sayulita provides a smorgasbord of nighttime activities. After a sunset cocktail you may want to brush up on your Salsa dancing, listen to some good music, get happy with the locals, walk the coastline or wait to experience the fireworks from an evening wedding on the hill top. You can always call it an early evening and relax on your balcony with friends at Casita Sayulita.


PEOPLE: The local villagers of Sayulita are one of its greatest charms. The town was originally founded by five Mexican families who still maintain the largest presence and land/business ownership in town. From a village where only Spanish was spoken less than 35 years ago the sweet people of Sauylita have embraced their growth while retaining their family values. They still appreciate hearing, “hola”, “gracias”, and “por favor” as you enjoy their town.


STAY: We hope you will always have a shell in your pocket, sand on your feet, a smile in your heart and return often


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